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Our First Neighbourhood Store @ THE SOUTHSIDE

The brand-new city’super neighbourhood store has had its grand opening at THE SOUTHSIDE mall near Wong Chuk Hang MTR station, and is comprehensively integrating itself into every detail of life in the Southern District. It blends seamlessly with the community, enabling you to effortlessly enjoy high-quality global and healthy cuisine and attentive service every day.

Neighbourhood prices on over 1,000 grocery items

Lunch and dinner delivery service

3-hour delivery within Southern District

Product subscription service

Family and kids’ educational activities

Opening Privileges

Opening Privileges

Enjoy HK$80 discount offer with single net purchases of HK$500 or above at city’super THE SOUTHSIDE store*.

Existing super e member eCoupon
Existing member sign-up deadline: 19 (Wed) Jun 2024
Validity: 21 (Fri) Jun – 4 (Thu) Jul 2024

Issuance date: 20 (Thur) Jun 2024

Good for Kids​


city’super Japan Direct-from-farm Seasonal Fruit
Having our own purchasing department in Japan allows our representatives to directly negotiate with local orchards and farms, and select the best produce. Several shipments are air-freighted from Japan to Hong Kong every week, ensuring efficient logistics and delivering high-quality Japanese agricultural products and fresh seasonal fruit to customers.
During the store’s opening period, special highlights include the Higo green melon, Kodama watermelon and mikan.

Smileat Healthy Fruit Snacks

Smileat Healthy Fruit Snacks
Smileat, hailing from Spain, aims to prioritise well-being, producing a range of organic snacks suitable for babies and young children, through their commitment to:

• 100% organic food
• Sustainable packaging
• Placing a strong emphasis on nutrition
• Avoiding the presence of chemicals, fertilisers, hormones and residues

Blue Egg

Daylesford Organic Series
Daylesford, a UK organic farm with over 40 years of history, raises animals in a chemical-free, hormone-free, artificial growth promoter-free environment, ensuring 100% organic products.
This is the Hong Kong launch of the award-winning blue-shelled eggs from rare Gloucestershire chickens, which are rich in vitamins B12 and D. Additionally, we introduce Daylesford’s yogurts, which come in enticing flavours like strawberry and rhubarb, and blueberry: perfect for health-conscious customers.

Shake Udon

Shake Noodles 
FusionDeli introduces the brand new healthy Shake Noodles.

They come with two sauce options:
• Shredded Chicken with Sesame Sauce
• Mentaiko Nagaimo Yam Sauce

This convenient and playful dish makes a perfect refreshing summer meal. Both adults and children are sure to love it.

Ready to Eat​

Onigiri Croissants

Onigiri Croissants
Japanese bread brand Little Mermaid has specially designed a new item for the new store: Onigiri Croissant. It combines the buttery and flaky outer layer of a croissant with the cute shape and flavourful filling of a Japanese Onigiri. Six delicious flavours are available:

• Black Truffle with Mashed Potato
• Quadruple Cheese
• Mochi Strawberry Custard
• Mochi Nutella Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa
• Collaboration with sweets house Cha Cha – Kyoto Uji Matcha Custard
• Collaboration with sweets house Cha Cha –Custard

Low-sodium Cheese

Low-sodium Cheese
Cheese lovers can also enjoy low-sodium options at the new store. It offers a range of low-sodium and healthy cheeses, including mascarpone and ricotta cheeses from the historic Italian cheese brand Galbani, which has over 130 years of history. Another popular cheese option is gouda from the Dutch brand Allegra, which pairs well with fruit, crackers and bread, and is also a great choice for wine pairing and snacking.

Nori Bento'

The two seaweed bento boxes are themed around ingredients from the sea and the mountains:

• Grilled Miso Salmon Nori Bento
• Grilled Chicken Sumiso Yaki Nori Bento

The bento rice covered with a large sheet of seaweed. It is layered with various ingredients, including fried Japanese crab stick, grilled tamago, simmered Japanese vegetables and Japanese pickles.

RF1 Salad

RF1 Salad
Japanese brand RF1, known for its healthy and creative salads, has specially crafted a new dish for the new store: Roasted US Beef with Wasabi Potato Salad. It combines delicious flavours, nutrition and elegance in one.

First Launch


Hong Kong Aquaculture
Hong Kong Aquaculture, led by Mr. Alex Lam, practises sustainable farming methods in Yung Shue O, Sai Kung. It uses chemical-free, non-GMO artificial techniques to raise marine fish. Its latest products:

• Fish Oil made from local sea bass
• Cooking Oil – Chicken
• Cooking Oil – Lard

Chef Keung x Casale

Chef Keung x Casale
Chef Li Wai Keung collaborates with the renowned Italian ham brand Casale. The Parma ham, aged for 16-18 months, carries a unique flavour and saltiness from the drying process. Chef Keung skilfully transforms it into rich and creamy sauces, including:

• ParmaHam Chilli Sauce
• ParmaHam H&S Sauce
• Parma Ham XO Sauce


Seijo Ishii Series
Seijo Ishii is making its debut in Hong Kong at city’super neighbourhood store. The brand offers a wide range of self-produced food and products in Japan, including various dry goods, soy sauce, coffee and tea beverages, and snacks. Here are some special recommendations from its comprehensive selection:

• Dried Sardines
• Seijyoishi Peanut Snack
• Cheese Butter Soy Scallops


Brand new Mon cher Items
Brand new Mon cher items will arrive for the first time at city’super neighbourhood THE SOUTHSIDE store from 21 Jun to 8 Jul, including:

• Earl Grey Naked Cake
Earl grey cream and sponge cake filled with brown sugar mochi. Features special hazelnut crisps for a flavour and texture constrast.

New Daifuku Collection
• Mango Yoghurt Daifuku
• Earl Grey Daifuku
• Strawberry Daifuku

Scrumptious Indulgence​

Keishindo Rice Crackers

Keishindo Rice Crackers
Keishindo, established in 1866 in Aichi Prefecture, is renowned for its shrimp rice crackers. It uses four distinct methods – whole-roasting, three-dimensional whole-roasting, live-roasting and searing – to preserve the intricate appearance of the shrimp while creating visually appealing, mouthwatering crackers.

Fukusaya Castella Cake

Fukusaya Castella Cake
Renowned Nagasaki castella cake shop Fukusaya has a history of 400 years, and follows a consistent process for each cake. From cracking the eggs to mixing, pouring into moulds and baking, every step is meticulously carried out by skilled craftsmen. Notably, no mixers or preservatives are used in the process. The craftsmanship of the artisans is clearly evident in the exquisite texture and quality of the cakes.

Zarame Cotton Candy'

Zarame Cotton Candy
Zarame, a speciality candy floss store from Kyoto’s Arashiyama district, crafts flavourful candy floss using premium Japanese ingredients like Tamba soybean powder and Kyoto green tea. With its meticulously designed packaging reflecting classical aesthetics, Zarame has quickly become a renowned souvenir choice.

Kiminomama Baumkuchen

Kiminomama Baumkuchen
Kiminomama is created by the Yataro team from Shizuoka Prefecture,with a history of 90 years. When it was introduced in Japan,it sparked a trend for ring cakes. The Kiminomama Ring Cake is a moistened soft texture "Sittori Huwahuwa". But also uses more eggs than usual, and mirin is used as a secret ingredient, resulting in a fluffy baumkuchen filled with eggs, like Japanese mother's egg omelet.

Top Picks​

Eda-chiku Miyazaki All-natural Wagyu

Eda Livestock — Miyasaki Wagyu
Eda-chiku, with over 80 years of history in Miyazaki, produces prized additive-free wagyu beef. It prioritises organic methods and has partnered with Toyota Technical Development Corporation to develop AI management technology. This approach optimises cattle growth and minimises feed waste while ensuring high-quality cattle without additives, hormones or antibiotics.

Low-sodium Cheese

Yamaguchi Yamagata Gyu
To celebrate the new store’s grand opening, city’super is collaborating with Yamaguchi, a trusted farm partner, to raise an Otome Ushi cattle for 35 months, compared to the usual 24-28 months. This extended period yields exceptionally tender and flavourful meat. Available exclusively at city’super neighbourhood stores, in limited quantities.

Own Brand'

city’super Own Brand Wine
city’super has partnered with Aegerter, Champagne Henri Billiot and Champagne Marc Hebrart to present a selection of wines that allow customers to savour high-quality Grand Cru and Premier Cru Champagnes at affordable prices, so more people can enjoy a delightful drinking experience.


Dassai Blue Type 23 Junmai Daiginjo
Dassai Blue Type 23 Junmai Daiginjo makes its debut at city’super neighbourhood in Hong Kong. This sake is produced by a newly established brewery in New York, the renowned sake brewery’s first international venture. It is made using Yamada Nishiki rice grown in the United States and local water. Under the brand “Dassai Blue”, it symbolises surpassing expectations and aims to create a sake of higher quality than even in Japan. This represents a significant milestone in the world of sake.

Meal Deal

To provide the fresh produce and ingredients for the residents’ preparation of their common home meals with everyday convenience, our procurement team has thoughtfully created a series of superb, value-for-money “Meal Deal”.

Our customers can pay a modest rate of HK$138 or above to select the “3-dish-1-soup” combo offering “healthy Chinese soup”, “daily fresh Chinese vegetables” and “premium meats / fish”. These Meal Deal Combos enable home cooking with ease, and city'super neighbourhood is where the community fulfills their daily needs in one easy go.


Weekend Opening Families’ & Kids’ Activities

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating couple of days as we kick off our opening-weekend activities.

Chef Polar Meet & Greet

21 Jun: 11am-2:30pm
From 22 Jun to 23 Jun: 2pm – 5:30pm

(4 sessions in total, 30 minutes per session)

city’super’s Brand ambassador Chef Polar will be making an appearance to meet everyone! You are invited to visit the new store, take photos together, and share in the joyful moments.

Magic Show

From 27 Jul to 28 Jul and 7 Sep to 8 Sep
Time: 2pm-2:30pm, 3pm-3:30pm

Witness the mesmerizing magic tricks and experience an unforgettable magic performance at city’super neighbourhood!